Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Boys - Wild Honey Bass Tab for Today

Wild Honey Bass Tab by Beach Boys

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Recording for the song began on September 26, 1967 at Brian's home studio in Bel Air, California with Jim Lockert engineering the session. The song would be almost completely recorded in one day. The band would initially record organ and electric bass guitar courtesy of Bruce Johnston, percussion, tambourine and piano and following that Carl Wilson's lead vocal was overdubbed onto the basic track. The band then recorded instrumental inserts including bongos, percussion and drums, in which Dennis Wilson's bass drum was purportedly recorded in a hallway. The session then concluded with the band doing further vocal and organ overdubs.

Work was resumed on the track the following day with Paul Tanner overdubbing his custom-built Tannerin - again at Brian's home studio - over the otherwise finished track. This was the third song in the Beach Boys catalogue - after "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" and "Good Vibrations" - to feature the Tannerin.

Wild Honey Bass Tab by the Beach Boys